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Icon Library v5.0

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Icon Library is a collection of 21,265 icons sorted into 275 seperate categories. The trial, unregistered version contains a sample collection of 2,913 icons in 36 categories. Most these icons are 32x32 pixels and use 16 colors; however, there are two collections of 256 color icons to demonstrate that the program can handle this format. I have not included any 256 color collections in this library because most available on the net have copyright restrictions. However, there is nothing preventing you as a user from downloading these additional libraries and including them with your personal Icon Library collection.

Check out the Icon Category List for this collection. This list shows how many icons are in each category of the registered version of the program. Each category heading in this list links to a slightly degraded image of all the icons in that category so you can see what is contained in the full collection before deciding to register.

Once you have downloaded the trial version of Icon Library and extracted the files, run the program called Icolib5_shar.exe to start the Icon Viewer. There is also an extensive Installation Guide available if you need help getting Icon Library onto your system.

Icon Library Features:
  • User definable menus and descriptions
  • Cascading menus simplify finding icons
  • Ability to change background color
  • Icon extraction from the library as ICO or BMP files
  • Ability to extract icons of various sizes and color depths
  • Ability to display icons of various color depths
  • Extensive User Manual, FAQ and Application Notes viewable in your browser.

Please note: I believe Icon Library MAY NOT work correctly under the new Vista Operating System. Please try the shareware version before ordering if you use Vista.

Preview Images

Don't forget that if you register you will receive all of the 21,265 icons in the collection. Please register if you plan to use this product for more than 30 days. By registering, you help promote the future development of Icon Library.

Download the FULL Icon Library!
Reduced from $29
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Here is a sample screenshot from Icon Library...

... and a sample menu structure ...

In the registered version there are
275 icon categories!

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more about the capabilities of Icon Library, have a look at our Online Documentation which contains installation instructions, a user manual, application notes, FAQ, and contact details.

Download the FULL Icon Library!
Reduced from $29
Now only $19

Are you already a registered user of any earlier version of Icon Library? Email (Website to Contact is some details from your previous registration [see below] and I will send you instructions on how to download your FREE full copy of Icon Library 5. Any of the following information which you provided for your registration is acceptable proof of registration:

  • Your full name PLUS your Digibuy order number RE_______
  • Your full name PLUS your PayPal 17 digit transaction ID number
  • Your full name PLUS your ZIP code
  • Your full name PLUS your street number, but not street name
  • You can provide your email address instead of full name if you wish
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