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Contact Details 1

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Contact Details
  1. You can obtain more information about Icon Library from my web page at, including many sample images of icon categories not included in the shareware version of the program. These sample images show all the icons available in the registered version of the program, however, they have been blurred a little to provide incentive for people to register Icon Library.

  2. We can be contacted by email at if you have any questions regarding Icon Library.

  3. Please consider registering Icon Library if you plan to continue using it. Why would you want to register Icon Library?

    • You receive more than 20,000 icons instead of just the 3,000 icons available in the shareware version.
    • There is no popup screen when the program starts, and the title bar does not have a reminder for you to register.
    • Registration entitles you to email support if you have any problems or questions regarding Icon Library.
    • Without your support, Icon Library is less likely to be improved in future.
    • If you continue to use Icon Library, registration is the right thing to do. :)


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