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Installation Guide 3

Section Contents
  • Table of Contents

  • Files - ZIP Archives, File Locations
    Extracting files from ZIP archive.

  • Shortcuts - Creating Windows Shortcuts
    Desktop Shortcuts, Start Button Menu Item

  • Registry - Registering the ICL File Type
    Double clicking on ICL files opens Icon Library Viewer program.

  • Uninstall - Removing Icon Library from your system
    How to remove all files, shortcuts and registry entries from your system.

  1. A useful feature is to be able to double-click on any ICL file on your system and have Icon Library start up and display the icons in that file. By registering the ICL file type to Icon Library you can make this happen. The following steps show how to set up this option. If you already have another program associated with the ICL file type, you may not want to proceed further. Icon Library will still work but you will have to start it by double-clicking its own icon or shortcut.

  2. There is a file in the Icon Library distribution which sets up this feature. The file in the shareware version of Icon Library is called icolib_shar.inf and the for the full version of Icon Library it is called icolib_reg.inf. Although I use the shareware version as an example in this guide, these instructions will work with both files.

  3. Find the icolib_shar.inf file and right click on it. On the menu that appears, find the Install option near the top of the menu list and click on it.

    INF Install Menu

  4. Windows does not display any feedback when you click on the Install option, however, you may see some disk activity when the Windows Registry is updated.

  5. If you are using Windows NT or Windows 2000 and do not have Administrator priviliges, you may see an "Installation failed" Error.

    Installation failed

    I am not sure why this happens because the required changes seem to be entered into the Windows Registry anyway. You can avoid this message by logging on as Administrator before you change any Windows Registry settings.

  6. You should now be able to double-click on an ICL file and see the Icon Library viewer program appear. It will display the icons contained in the chosen ICL file, or you can then load any of the other icons that are distributed with Icon Library.

  7. If you decide you no longer need Icon Library then it is very easy to remove it from your system.

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