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User Manual 3

Section Contents
  • Table of Contents

  • Starting Icon Library - Shortcut, ICL file, Shareware Popup
    Methods of starting Icon Library and reason for shareware popup.

  • Options Menu - Loading Menus, Selecting Colors, Icon Menus
    Registered/Shareware Menus, Background and BMP Transparency Colors.

  • Icon Menus - Displaying Icons, Extracting Icons, ICO, BMP, Shareware Topics.
    Click on icons in display to extract and save the selected icon.

  • Customize Your Menus - Your Own Icons, Icolib.INI, Third Party Utilities
    Add your own ICL files to the library, INI file format, useful icon programs.

  • More Help - About Box, Web Page, Contact Details, Samples
    What is in the About Box and the Icon Library web page, where to send email.

Icon Menus
  1. Most of the remaining menu items are provided to help you select one of the icon categories from the hundreds available in the registered version of Icon Library...

    Registered Icon Menus

    ...or a smaller number of samples in the shareware collection.

    Shareware Icon Menus

    Please note that in the shareware version of Icon Library, many of the categories are not available. The ones that are available have (SHAREWARE) as part of the menu description An example can be seen in the calculator selection in the first image above. All categories are available in the registered version of the program.

  2. When you select one of the icon categories from the menu, the icons in that section of the library will be displayed. Each menu selection will display a collection of icons that have a common theme. The icons have also been sorted within these categories to make any particular image easier to find. A scroll bar will appear if there are more icons available than what can be displayed in the Icon Library window. To see the remaining icons, just scroll down or increase the size of the window.

    Icons - 16 colors

  3. Although most of the collection of icons in Icon Library are the standard 32x32 pixel images with up to 16 colors, the Icon Library viewer program is capable of handling most other formats of icons as well. It can display 256 color images, however, only the ones which are 32x32 pixels in size will be displayed when there are multiple image sizes in an icon file. For example, a particular ICO file may contain 3 seperate icons, 16x16 pixel 256 color, 32x32 pixel 256 color, and 48x48 pixel 256 color. Only the 32x32 pixel 256 color icon will be displayed in the viewer, however, all three will be saved if that icon is extracted from the Icon Library collection.

    Icons - 256 colors

  4. You can extract any of the icons by moving the cursor over the one you want and clicking the left mouse button. A window called Save Selected Icon as will appear so that you can specify the folder, filename and format of the icon you wish to save.

    Save Menu

  5. Specify the folder where the icon is to be stored.

    Save Folder

  6. Specify the filename you want to call the icon or bitmap.

    Save Filename

  7. Decide if you want to save the image as an icon or a bitmap.

    Save ICO or BMP

    If you save in the ICO format, a single file will be created containing one or more icon images, one for each size or color depth. If you save as BMP images, one or more Bitmap files will be created, one file for each each size or color depth. You can also specify a color to be shown where the Bitmap image is transparent to the background. Try saving icons from the 256 color samples in ICO and BMP formats for practice.

  8. Click on the Save button if you want to proceed with saving the images, or click the Cancel button if you decide you don't want to save the image.

  9. IMPORTANT: Although Icon Library can display icons that are contained in Windows EXE and DLL files, it cannot extract these icons reliably from these files. I will try to fix this deficiency in a future release of Icon Library of possible.

  10. The next section shows how to customise the menus to suit your own needs.

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