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License Conditions

Section Contents

License Conditions
I am not a lawyer, so I will try to keep things simple!

  1. Icon Library ZIP or EXE distribution file
    This is the ZIP archive by which Icon Library is distributed. It may take the form of a ZIP archive or an EXE self-extracting archive. The copyright to this file is owned by Steve Balogh. You are not allowed to redistribute altered versions of these archives in any way. You are not allowed to redistribute the registered version of the Icon Library ZIP or EXE archive files at all without my written permission. You are allowed to redistribute the shareware version of this archive on any media unless I have specifically requested you not to do so.

  2. Icon Library Viewer Program
    This is the program you see when you click on the icolib.exe file. The copyright to this program is owned by Steve Balogh. The registered version of icolib.exe may not be redistributed on any media under any circumstances without my written permission. The shareware version of the program may be redistributed as long as it is contained within the original icolib zip file. It may not be redistributed seperately or as part of other software products.

  3. Icon Collection
    The overall collection of icons and the categories into which they have been organised is the copyright of Steve Balogh. The icons may not be redistributed in this form on any media under any circumstances without my written permission. The shareware version of the icons may be redistributed as long as they are contained within the original icolib zip file. You are not permitted to use any of these icon collections to create a software product which competes with Icon Library. For example, if you develop your own icon viewing program, you are not permitted to use my collection of icons as the data source for your viewer.

  4. Small Subsets of Icon Collection Individual icons are mostly in the public domain and so the copyright to them is not owned by Steve Balogh. You are allowed to redistribute individual icons or small numbers of icons in any way. You are also allowed to modify individual icons.

  5. Trademark Icons
    Some icons represent corporate trademarks or products. These should be used with care by Icon Library users. For example, using a Microsoft Excel icon to represent the Excel spreadsheet product in your desktop application would probably be acceptable. Using the same icon to represent your own software product would not be acceptable, especially if you distribute your product to the public. Here are the Microsoft license conditions for use of their icons. Note that they do allow use of their icons when used with their products.

  6. Documentation
    The copyright to all documentation distributed with Icon Library or the Icon Library web site located at is owned by Steve Balogh. The copyright to the heading, left column and footer portions of the web site are owned by Danworld Inc.

  7. Fees and Royalties
    Only a flat fee is required for Icon Library, the amount depends on how many workstations Icon Library itself being used on. If you have many developers and they all require a copy, then multiple (discounted) licenses are required. However, in most cases you may only need Icon Library to be on one developers PC since you would not be using Icon Library on a day-to-day basis during product development. I do not require any further royalties or additional fees for the use of individual icons used in your products. You are not allowed to distribute the registered version of Icon Library with your products.

  8. If the icons are public domain, what are you paying for?
    I do not claim to have created any of the icons, although there are about 150 of my own in the collection. My contribution, and what I am asking payment for, are the thousands of hours spent in creating this value-added, extensive library of icons. My work includes...

    • Searching the net and other sources for public domain icons.
    • Finding and removing tens of thousands of duplicate icons from these combined collections, thus creating a unique collection of icons.
    • Classifying these unique icons into categories to make icons easier to find.
    • Removing fixed (often white) backgrounds in icons by making the backgrounds transparent where approriate.
    • Correcting any minor flaws in the icon artwork.
    • Creating variations on individual icons where there is a need (eg. to complete a set of arrows, different colors, etc).
    • Placing individual icons into ICL library files, thus saving the huge amounts of disk space normally taken by individual icons and greatly speeding up disk access to icons.
    • Providing documentation and application notes to help you use these icons in a meaningful way.
    • Maintain my icon viewing software.

    By registering a copy of Icon Library, you give me the incentive to continue spending many hours working on this product.

If any of these conditions are unclear, please contact me by email at for clarification.

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