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Application Notes 3

Section Contents

Managing an Active Collection
It is very important to keep your icons and/or icon libraries in one place on your hard drive. Once you assign an icon to a program or shortcut, it remembers where that icon is located on your hard drive. If you move your icons around, the program or shortcut won't be able to find the icon. It doesn't hurt your computer but your icons won't show up correctly. It is a good idea to store your icons in its own folder, such as c:\icons.

  1. Always keep the Icon Library ICL files in theor original folder if you use them as the source of icons elsewhere in your system.

  2. A better solution is to extract the individual icons you need from the ICL files and store the resulting ICO files in their own directory such as c:\icons. These icons can then be your source material for all icons changes throughout your system, and moving the original ICL files is no longer a problem. Here is an example of the contents of a typical c:\icons folder.

    Sample Icon Directory

  3. You can derive your own icons using Icon Library icons as the source material.

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