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Application Notes 1b

Section Contents

Changing Desktop Icons
Drives  |  Folders  |  Files  |  Shortcuts  |  System

You can change the icon for groups of files with the same extension by following these steps.

  1. Determine the file extension for which you want to associate a new icon. If you can't see the file extensions, you can make them visible by selecting the Tools then Folder Options menu for Windows Explorer. In the popup window, chose the View tab and disable the Hide file extensions for known file types option. Click OK.

    Folder options

  2. As an example, start with a common extension such as .txt which normally has the icon shown below.

    txt extension icon

  3. Let's change the .txt icon to look like the 18th icon in this Icon Library category. The desired icon is highlighted. There is no need to extract and save this icon, since it can be accessed directly from within the 256multi.icl file.

    Show desired icon

  4. Once again, select the Tools then Folder Options menu for Windows Explorer. In the popup window, chose the File Types tab and scroll down to and highlight the TXT Extension. Click on the Advanced button.

    Folder options - File Types

  5. Click on the Change Icon... button.

    Edit File Type

  6. Into the File name: field, enter the path of the ICL file containing the icon to be used. The pathname for this example is C:\icolib5_shar\256multi\256multi.icl. Highlight the icon to be used and click on the OK button, or just double click on the icon itself.

    Change Icon

  7. The new icon is now associated with the .txt extension. Click on the OK button.

    Edit File Type - New Icon

  8. Note that the icon has changed next to the TXT extension in the Folder Options window. Click on the Close button.

    Folder Options - New Icon

  9. The new icon is now displayed with the my file.txt file, and all other files with a .txt extension on your system.

    New icon in Explorer

  10. A side effect of this procedure is that all extensions with the File Type of Text Document will also have their icon changed as shown here. The only methods to overcome this problem is to delete any file types to be changed and re-create them, or by editing the Windows Registry. Both of these procedures are beyond the scope of this document.

    Folder Options - Other types

  11. You can now try changing the icons for some of your Shortcuts.

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