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Application Notes 1c

Section Contents

Changing Desktop Icons
Drives  |  Folders  |  Files  |  Shortcuts  |  System

  1. Changing the icon for a shortcut is quite straight forward.

    Shortcut in folder

  2. Right click on the shortcut and select the Properties option from the popup menu. A Properties window will appear. Click on the Change Icon button.

    Properties window

  3. A Change Icon window will appear. Into the File name: field, enter the path of the ICL file containing the icon to be used. The pathname for the icon library used in this example is C:\icolib5_shar\256multi\256multi.icl. Highlight the icon to be used and click on the OK button, or just double click on the icon itself.

    Change Icon

  4. The icon will have changed in the Properties window. Click on the OK button.

    Properties Window - new icon

  5. The shortcut icon has been changed while the original text file icon remains the same as before. No other icon is changed by this procedure.

    New shortcut icon

  6. You can now try changing some of the System Icons on your computer.

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